Starship SN8 explode while landing

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What is an SN8 starship?

SN8 starship is serial no 8 prototype. That was built by SpaceX company-owned of Elon musk.  This is the first reusable launch vehicle. which will stand 394ft (120m) tall combined with its super-heavy first-stage booster.c

The flight was intending to help SpaceX collect data about how SN8 could reenter the Earth’s atmosphere after returning from space and steer itself to a precise landing point.

About the early stages of SN8 activity

The SN8 fired up all three of its massive Raptor rocket engines When the countdown clock hit zero. Starship was Soared into the sky with the help of Falcon 9 as SpaceX had hoped. Sn8 took 6 minutes for it. The first two minutes into the flight, one of the three Raptor engines shut off. About a minute later, another of the three Raptor engines shut off. leaving one engine to power the rest of SN8’s climb. the final Raptor engine stopped firing under the next 2 minutes.

SpaceX’s goal was for the rocket to reach 40,000 feet or more. though it’s not clear exactly how high the vehicle traveled. However, Musk suggested on Twitter that the first leg of this flight had gone exactly as planned.

Starship SN8
SN8 lunching

The beginning of the flopping

Once SN8 reached the top it started to roll. rocket dive back through the air with its belly pointed toward the Earth as its four fins shift slightly to keep it steady. it is a unique maneuver. The SN8 did follow that motion almost exactly.

Starship SN8
SN8 flopping

The sad ending

Shortly before touchdown, all three Raptor engines reoriented and it approached its designated landing site with precision. SN8 exploded while trying to land. The live video showed a self-guided rocket landing fast following a controlled descent before disappearing from a fireball.

Immediately after the crash, Musk said the rocket was “low on the fuel tank.”  But he obtained “all the data we need” from the SpaceX test, and praised the success of the rocket’s ascent phase.

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