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RX 6000 Series

AMD has introduced three new graphics cards to compete with Nvidia.The RX 6000 series performs very well compared to other cards

We were able to experience a huge price cutdown on the RTX 3000 series released in late 2020.The main reason for this price drop was the upcoming release of the RX 6000 series.radeon under its latest RDNA architecture the RX 6000 series will have a 50% performance improvement over the power it gets compared to the previous RX 5000 series.Newer cards have RDNA2 architectural optimization than previous RDNA architecture.Also, new cards have the ray tracing feature that was not available in radon cards for a long time.Also, under these cards, AMD has focused on 4k performance.

Previously released Radeon cards had the best performance for the price we paid, but there was an increase in drives bugs and power consumption.Nvidia cards are better optimized for software compared to AMD and have a much higher performance compared to the power that those cards take.For the first time, AMD has won this hurdle.The RX 6000 series that is being released now offers more performance with less power than the nvidia card.

Radeon cards are now used in all gaming consoles around the world.Therefore, game developers for gaming consoles have paid more attention to Radeon technology.Their technology as well as the latest fidelity Fx has been released as open source so that anyone can develop it.So in the future all gamers will have no problem turning to Radeon.

The RX 6000 series also features an antilag feature not found on older Radeon cards.This feature is especially important for online gaming and competitive gaming.antilag is the reduction in the time it takes for the input we give in the game to be processed on the pc and come to the display.

The biggest change in the RX 6000 Series is the inclusion of an infinity cache in the card.If any bottleneck occurs while transmitting data from the Vram to the gpu of the cards issued so far, bandwidth has to be increased or a high speed Vram has to be used to resolve it.Beyond these solutions, AMD has installed a 128mb infinity cache for direct access to the gpu on its graphics cards.A cache is a faster build in memory than gddr6 vram.A cache is a faster build in memory than gddr6 vram.These new cards also include rage mode.This is a software switch used for automatic overclocking.

Next, AVI decoding is a special case of AMD cards.In previous releases, Radeon cards were able to perform H264 and H265 video compression, encoding and recording, which were important to streamers, at the hardware level.RX 6000 cards have been able to further enhance this process.In addition to H264 and H265, RX 6000 cards have AVI, encoding and decoding capabilities.Through this h265 has the ability to reduce the video size by 50% over the video size.For example, a 1080p video costs only half the amount of data that would normally be viewed, and the video could be viewed at the same time.Radeon cards have the ability to compress the file at the hardware level.Nvidia cards do not have this capability at all.


ModelCompute unitsGDDR6Game clock12 (MHz)Boost clock13 (MHz)Memory interfaceInfinity cache
Radeon RX 6900 XT8016GB2015Up to 2250256 bit128MB
Radeon RX 6800 XT7216GB2015Up to 2250256 bit128MB
Radeon RX 68006016GB1815Up to 2105256 bit128MB
ModelRX 6800RTX 3070
Compute units60NA
Stream processors38405888
Base Clock1805MHz1730MHz
VRam16GB (GDDR 6)8GB(GDDR 6)
Power Consumption250W220W

In particular, all three RX 6000 Series cards have a 16GB VRam

ModelRX 6800XTRTX 3080
Compute units72NA
Stream processors46088704
Power Consumption300W320W

This is the first time a Radeon card has used less power than an Nvidia card (compared to two cards of the same range)

compute units

1compute unit =80 stream processors

The special thing is that this compute unit has a ray accelerate unit..This ray accelerate unit accelerates ray tracing performance in the same way as nvidia RTX cores.


Image creditsAMD Radeon RX 6000 Series Graphics Cards | AMD

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