Apple are entered into the car industry

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Apple company was considering car production even before the iPhone hit the market. Steve Jobs met with the manufacturer of the lightweight, inexpensive “V-Vehicle” in 2010. But he dropped the idea of ​​a car and focused development on the iPhone. They have the iPhone as the cheapest investment for them in the new market.

The secret comes out

Several have seen a van hired by Apple company on the streets of Northern California. A few days later, an unidentified Apple employee email Business Insider, suggesting Apple was working on a project with Tesla employees. So it is the beginning of leaking details. Apple has reportedly hired car technology and vehicle design experts to work in a “top-secret lab”. The Wall Street Journal says that Apple is actually working on creating an electric vehicle since 2014.

What is “Project Titan”

it is a project with hundreds of employees working on designing like minivan electric vehicle leading by steve zadesky under Dan Riccio. So there were internal disputes. Steve Zadesky quits the project as a result of internal problems. After that Mansfield began the project, and Apple fired dozens of employees working on the project after an internal “restart”.Apple says it developed the project to focus more on “underlying technology” for automobiles. Subsequent information shows that work on a car has now stopped.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is working on an Apple Car that will launch between 2023 and 2025. Apple has stopped work on an automated vehicle. Instead, they focus on software.

apple car
apple car

Back to work & Release date

In December 2020, Reuters confirmed that Apple was still working on a car with the full Apple brand. Apple is developing a new battery design that has the potential to “radically” reduce the cost of batteries. Apple is creating a “mono cell” design that will allow it to be consumed more efficiently.

However, Reuters warns that epidemic-related delays could push production backward by 2025 or later and that Apple may decide to reduce the scope of the project. Clearly, Apple is working on some kind of car technology, but the scope of the project continues to evolve.

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